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Is Coconut Water the Magical Drink That Everybody Believe It Is?


Since most of you already know the countless benefits of coconut oil, in this article we will focus our attention on the major benefits of drinking coconut water.

For starters you must understand that coconut water has a very similar structure to blood plasma, present in our bloodstream. We have read numerous examples as testament to this knowledge and the use of coconut water as a substitute for blood plasma in many war conflicts in the past. Coconut water saved many lives as wounded and injured soldiers were treated after battles.

Today the use of coconut water is very popular in all countries in the world and can be found in many markets.

What actually happens to our bodies when we drink coconut water?

Our immune system benefits the most. Coconut water kills all bacteria that cause gonorrhea, gum disease, urinary tract infections as well as viruses that trigger influenza infections and typhoid. For people that suffer from chronic fatigue coconut water works as a great energy boost. Experts recommended a daily dose of 40-50ml.

Besides increased energy levels coconut water also stimulates the production of thyroid hormones which is extremely important. It acts like natural diuretic beneficial to all who suffer from kidney disorders. Also this “magical drink” eliminates many toxins in the body, it cleans the urinary tract and bladder channels and reduces kidney stone complications.

Because coconut water contains high levels of fiber it improves the digestion and if consumed regulary it alleviates problems caused by stomach acid. For those of you who are concern about your look bear in mind that this water contains very little fat s and it can help you slim down, so drink it regularly without any concern.

Coconut water also helps you get rid of acne, cleans and invigorates the skin without closing the pores, acts as a natural body purifier, mixed with olive oil removes intestinal parasites nurses your dry or oily skin and solves some health problems during pregnancy.

In the morning a cup of coconut water will balances electrolytes who often can be a cause of hypertension and high blood pressure.

So, it strengthens your immune system, it protects you body from bacterial infection, helps you lose weight, gives you an energy boost and can cure a hangover after a razzle-dazzle party… what more can you ask from drinking one glass of coconut water?!


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