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Honey, Banana and Lemon. Here Is How To Prepare This Natural Botox


Many women are suffering from wrinkles these days. Most of them look for the way to always have a smooth and firm skin, look younger and more dazzling.

There are different creams on the market that promise great results, but unfortunately they are so expensive and often come with various side effects.

On the other side, today we will present you an amazing anti wrinkle cream that will give you amazing results in very short period of time.

As we already mentioned above, Botox injections are quite expensive but not very safe. You should know that wrinkles appear because some substances in out body are lost.

Here is how to prepare this homemade mask without spending a lot of money and getting excellent results.

  • A tbsp of raw organic honey
  • A few drops of lemon juice
  • A banana


Chop of mash the banana, add the honey and the juice of half a lemon. Mix it well until you get homogenous mass.


Massage you face with the banana peel (with the inside). Apply the mask and then let it act for 20 min. wash your face with some warm water, apply a little cold water or tonic to close the pores. In the end apply a moisturizing cream and expect the results.

Apply the cream 2 times per week, until you get desired results!


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